Branding campaign consisting of Stills & Video promoting the various attractions and wedding venues offered by the Atlantis Hotels, Nassau, Bahamas


On our second shoot for Atlantis, Paradise Island, we were asked to create branded video and image libraries for various Atlantis Wedding Venues. The shoot lasted a week, with a scout taking place a few weeks prior.

Our shoots for Atlantis incorporate lifestyle, architectural interiors and exteriors, food photography, video content, drone photography, and shooting on and under water. We’re also editing several of the videos for Social and Web use.

We love the Atlantis clients. They are open minded, know what they like and dislike which allowed for an open two way communication regarding the venues, styling etc..

The Atlantis event crew is very experienced at setting up beautiful venues. They were precise with all their arrangements and timing. We were very fortunate and didn’t lose any time or venues on our weeklong photo shoot. Sometimes when shooting for resorts, there are good intentions and aggressive scheduling that conflict with current occupancy and the resort’s venue availability.

Our photo crew has worked together for a while on several demanding shoots. This experience had a very familiar, coming home kind of vibe. There’s nothing like synchronicity and everyone working towards a common and defined goal.

We are always impressed by how Atlantis keeps reinventing itself and continues to bring beautiful new life to their venues.


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