Chasing the Light


George Kamper recently spoke at a ASMP Chapter Event about his new approach to photography. Here is just a snapshot of what he had to say:

I was a product of the one and only perfect shot, angle and lighting in my advertising assignments. Now I'm going back to my roots; enhancing available light, utilizing the sun, shade, reflectors and shooting in much more of an editorial approach.

I've been utilizing my new approach to shooting for over a year now and its really starting to resonate with clients. I've refocused my skills; my approach to shooting and the way I use light. I like my lighting to feel organic and less artificial. I also like the idea that when utilizing available light I can move more fluidly around set. Reflectors and small handheld devices allow me to deliver more variety and capture more authentic moments. Without the huge crew and gear, moving in between locations is faster than ever. We can complete what may have taken a couple trailers, 20 people and 5 days to shoot in less then half the time.

It's amazing how much freedom reveals itself when you're only focused on your subjects and not all the stuff that's slowing you down. I'm not saying I've forgotten or don't want to light; I'm saying my lighting is a lot bigger (the sun) and not getting in the way. Don't need all the typical lights, cables, stands and sandbags! I stay focused on what's important and know how to make beautifully lit images without all that extra gear and the cost of having extra assistants on set. Our clients are saving big money and it creates a more intimate, less intimidating environment for our subjects. I will always have the 20 plus years of big lighting production experience, I'm just taking that knowledge and cutting out the middle man, passing the savings onto my clients and showing the world how beautiful available light can be when you know just how to tweak it.

My latest work is all done with wonderful clients, a great crew and light that is heaven sent.


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