Into the Wild

A few things I learned about myself on this shoot.

I love shooting fashion, it’s fun, challenging and a great opportunity to explore another side of my creativity. It’s also of the moment, so I can experiment and allow things to develop more so then on a commercial shoot. I also love to collaborate and I try to create an environment where anyone on our set can make suggestions and contribute.

I like to take care of everyone that’s involved on our shoots. So I think about things like how the model is getting to the shoot in the morning, where’s she’s staying, having fans and liquids on set since we’re shooting in the summer heat in a state park. Bug spray, sun block, getting the model back to the airport in time and with a little chill time for herself, making sure everyone’s dietary needs are met, etc.. (I probably got this from my Mom, who was immersed in the restaurant bizz in NYC, ever since I can remember.)

My “Editorial” images come with the full production of an Advertising Campaign. This can be good, because we end up with beautiful images, great lighting and finishing. And it can be bad, since the crew is usually working at an “Editorial” rate, usually half their normal rates to accommodate the magazine’s budget. I’m usually working for free as I try to accommodate my need for a higher production level, and that usually means dipping into my pocket to pay for things the magazine’s wont or can’t.

I guess if I’m involved, I have to bring it.

I get a thrill every time the model, stylist, or crew look into the monitor and say “Wow”!  For me, that’s pay off enough. I love working with a team, and I’m fortunate that I am supported by such a great group of professionals.

This shoot really evolved from what could have been a photographer with a camera and a reflector to a full blow production. I have to applaud Birch State Park for all their support in this as well as Carlos Suarez, the Publisher of Venice magazine, for stepping up and flying in a great girl from NY, bringing in horses for our shoot, great catering, etc.. etc..

If you have 2 minutes please watch the BTS video and check out the credits at the end. We list all the crew, etc…

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