Stelara for FCB Chicago

30 Photo image library encompassing various scenarios and locations around Chicago.

We were commissioned to shoot a lifestyle image library for Stelara producing a 30 image library incorporating a variety of models, scenarios and locations in and around the Chicago area. As with any Pharmaceutical shoot, the pre-production weeks ahead was intense. Incorporating live castings, a diverse group of models, wardrobe, and props while scouting and procuring a variety of locations that enhanced the client branding message. 

We produced the shoot with one pre-production day immediately preceding the shoot, confirming the locations and 4, 10 hour shoot days.

We like to start out wide with  establishing shots  to help set the tone and establish where we are, then move in to produce inspirational close ups. Iconic shots-soft blurred backgrounds, romantic poppy colors, bright, illuminating, high contrast and snappy, with some flare in highlights.

We are always working to find the unexpected shot while maintaining our dedication to the final overall branding message established by the agency and clients.

We had to overcome some rain clouds and grey skies on a couple of the shoot days that we were able to turn into bright sunny days with puffy clouds. The shoot went exceedingly well, and the clients were very happy. 

We do all our own processing and retouching and  have a very skilled retoucher on staff, helping to dodge raindrops and   working through any retouching requests. 

Our thanks to all involved!

Comments from the CD:

These are amazing! Not that it's surprising…coming from George. I've talked with him and he's on way to the others.

Thanks guys, you make us look good.

I think they look amazing, especially considering the grey, yucky day you had to deal with!



Comments for the AB in NY: This is Fantastic!! I shoot the NYC Stelara stuff… this is all a joint account.. I have seen these and I love them, I love George and his work…

George Kamper