Visit Florida: Branded Content, Photo Library & Motion

George Kamper on not being a Specialist:

It’s always been a double edge sword, specialize in one thing and do it well or be a generalist and get lost in the shuffle…

It’s not that I consider myself a generalist, but it’s imperative to have the strong background required to feel comfortable and excel at shooting in different environments and disciplines for this type of shoot.  Lifestyle, fashion,  still-life, video, shooting on the beach, underwater, from a drone, boat to boat, in a museum, shopping, shooting at night, shooting in clubs and restaurants,  etc.. etc..

Creating large image libraries for campaigns and overall content is here to stay.

We shot the Visit Florida library across a 3 week shoot schedule with weeks of prep for casting, location scouting, arranging for boats, houses on the water built on stilts, seaplanes, ferries, etc..

With a large crew and cast of over 40 talent, every detail had to be planned out to the minuscule details. Additionally, we had to contend with high tides and  weather, moving a huge crew and cast to islands not accessible by cars, and traveling by seaplanes to remote destinations.

If anyone were to ask, I’d have to say these large production shoots are our specialty. We work extremely well under pressure and are fortunate to have a very well rounded and seasoned crew that’s worked together for years and that's always happy to go the extra mile to accomplish our goals and those of our clients!

George Kamper