Intellibed Branding Campaign


Founded in 2000, Intellibed is known as the world’s most advanced mattress manufacturer. In moving to a futuristic theme, we were asked to shoot an image library both piggybacking on video and shooting stills across a 4 day schedule with locations incorporating green screen and live action sets.

We’ve been working with both the creative director and film director for over 10 years on various projects that have taken us around the world. Working in Miami allowed us to use many of my team in key roles on both the video and stills.

This shoot required a wide diversity of skills from lifestyle photography, product photography, shooting piggyback stills unobtrusively on video sets, and working under what could have been very intense situations.

When shooting at such a fast pace, 3 to 5 minutes for the stills, precision and speed was key to accomplishing our goals.

This shoot had many moving parts, lots of challenges and was produced at breakneck speed. A lot of credit goes to the Director, CD, and Clients. This could have been a very tense shoot, but instead was fun and garnered amazing results.

Special thanks and credit goes out to our retoucher, Christine, for her amazing skills and ability to pull all these elements together and give them a cohesive futuristic look without all the cheesiness that can sometimes be associated with Sci-Fi product and lifestyle shoots.

George Kamper