Capital Grille Brand Marketing Campaign & Library


Our mission was to create a library of images to be utilized in all facets of advertising, marketing, promotion and social media for The Capital Grille.

Maintaining a consistent look and vibe throughout the shoot was a primary goal, as well as keeping everything looking fresh and fun. Food and talent were literally flying in and out of the shots. Lighting was moving from set to set on wheels so as to not waste any time striking and moving stands. We had rigged up specialty lights for the tables to help keep the warm vibe and glow of the table as well as shooting through many types of crystals and objects placed just in front of the lens to create bokeh and depth in the photos.

We were definitely working as a finely honed team that had worked together many times before and knew what the next move needed to be. On the last day, I was able to shoot a series of off the cuff images that were of the staff and kitchen in action during the lunch break. Having worked in the restaurant business in NYC and spending a lot of time in them, I know the back of the house/kitchen is the heart of every good restaurant and I definitely wanted to capture some of that as icing on the cake!

We hit the ground running on the first day and didn’t look back until the last click of the shutter on the eve of the third day.

Team, prep, team…words we live by. There is no question in my mind that what allows us to get the high level of work and produce efficiently is the great teams we put together for our shoots. Thanks again to Kim, our super capable and level headed producer, Mark, Zach, Flipper, Paul, Alaina, Gina, Melanie and Chelsea, on this. And thank you to the wonderful agency and clients for allowing us to produce a truly beautiful representative library of images for one of my favorite restaurants The Capital Grille.

Lastly, dont forget to try their Martini’s, they make some of the best! We may have sampled one or two at the end of the shoot…