The Kneipp Company

Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Worldwide


The Kneipp Company Integrated Brand Marketing Video & Stills Campaign


A truly multifaceted project which included developing scripts, creating story boards, sourcing talent, locations, crew and production. Delivering 3 final videos and forty retouched final stills for the Kneipp’s immediate web and print use. Additionally, capturing footage for a longer form video to be edited at a later date.

We worked closely with the Kneipp’s US marketing director across a 3 month time frame to produce an integrated 4 day shoot creating all assets including voice overs, editing and retouching.

Many thanks to our producer Kim, who put together an amazing schedule and crew. Sequencing locations, shots and timing that allowed us time to create and capture all the assets necessary without any craziness, not withstanding the two interludes of rain!


Behind the scenes, shooting for The Kneipp Company.