NSU, Nova Southeastern University, Print Ads, Recruitment Book and Image Library

Shot 1_NOVA_190619_206-2.jpg

Shooting on campus utilizing actual students could become a nightmare, but not in our case! Working with the crew from NSU and a great CD and producer from Zimmerman Advertising, our shoot came off seamlessly. The NSU clients were super organized and brought a lot of energy and organization to the shoot. They deserve a ton of credit, never late or behind, our shoot ran like clockwork.

Enticing potential college students to apply can be a tricky proposition. There has to be authenticity to the visuals and they have to be captivating since potential students have so many options.

The shoot required us to shoot within several disciplines including lifestyle, interior and exterior architecture, shooting on the beach, underwater and drone photography. I also leaned on a friend to provide us with a couple of CGI created clouds and palm trees shaped in the form of a Mako Shark, the schools mascot, for the cover and interior spreads.

The book looks:

Shot 4_190620_133.jpg