I live on motion sets, I also know how to be invisible.


I’ve shot for major brands Piggybacking Stills on Video shoots, for well, a long time.

I live on sets; I know the differences between a gaffer, a second AD, and a DP.

And most importantly, I know how to be invisible,

and how to take control during my five-minute shoot (which usually shrinks to three).

I’ll stay out of the crew’s way, and the director’s way.

I’ll get the shots the Clients & Creative team concepted and a few unexpected.

I’m very fast and very skilled, which helps take the load off of an already over-stressed Producer

who probably learned last-minute I’d be on set.

Hire me and everyone looks good

for getting all those valuable stills - without adding OT.

Let’s discuss how unobtrusive I am, how I’m fast-friends with

everyone, and what it’s like having me as a still guy on your set.

I’ve shot with film crews all over the world, on every type of set,

in every climate, in every imaginable environment.

You could call Piggybacking on Motion one of my specialties.

Let’s connect; I’ll help you simplify your shoot.

I won’t cost the Director any time,

or the Producer any money,

and you get great stills for your now totally cohesive campaign.