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Revo: Sebastian Copeland & Alexandra Cousteau

One of the fun perks of being a photographer is meeting super heroes and having a chance to collaborate with them and a great team!

The Revo project was a multi destination shoot featuring Sebastian Copeland and Alexandra Cousteau. Both super involved with the environment, exploration and overall amazing people to spend time with.

The 2 shoots required a multi tiered approach in various destinations to create a multi dimensional image library that would be utilizing our imagery in everything from wide web banners to in store posters in varying formats and mediums.

We created environmental shots with Sebastian and Alexandra and the Revos utilizing varying perspectives and locations that included very wide panoramic, medium shots in situ, as well as tight close ups of our heros wearing the product.

Our approach is to have several ideas worked out beforehand to work towards, usually in a mood board. Once we’re on site, we pick up the camera and don’t put it down until the last person has left the set. So many great shots happen unplanned and when no one is expecting them! It also helps to have a great product that the talent wants to keep wearing throughout the shoot!

Sebastian is an amazing photographer, I’ve attached his site here:

He’s won numerous awards and has an amazing background in both film production and stills. Additionally, a walk in the park for Sebastian is traversing the Arctic for 90 Days with his partner! Which is where he was going following our photo shoot in the mountains of Vancouver.

Alexandra is the granddaughter of legendary Jacques Cousteau and is tremendously involved in the Earth’s sustainable water supplies. She is also an extreme explorer and conservationist. Constantly traveling around the world and working with her foundations, she is an awesome filmmaker and documentarian.

I’ve attached her site here:

Some of the challenges in shooting somewhere off the beaten path include finding a way to actually get to the location, while making it as painless as possible for the client, the agency, and the talent.

We worked with a producer in Vancouver who hired a terrific location scout/manager that scouted for us by float plane, landing on some of the remote lakes and scenic areas.

I’ve attached some of the behind the scenes shots here. It was an amazing shoot, and I have to give a lot of credit to all involved, as we were vigilant in our pursuit to get the images we needed, and the safety of everyone involved. We shot in mostly pouring rain and bad weather through Sebastian’s shoot. As the pilot on our float plane turned to us on our way to a remote lake in the mountain and said “ We have to turn back, we couldn land at our destination, but I don’t think we could get back in this weather”!

This was one of those times where loving improvisation and being creative gets to really shine! We were able to find a lake that would allow us to land and return safely while still offering the panoramic views we were in Vancouver to capture. The rain however was relentless…

Going in, we knew the agency had a pretty amazing retouching team in house, and while we did the initial color and retouching, their team went in and removed rain - drop by drop, in many instances. Their proofing process is super rigorous as some of the panoramic shots ended up being displayed very large. Kudos to the team….

Ever try to remove 10,000 raindrops from a lake?

The weather cooperated much more on Alexandra’s shoot which was shot in and around Tulum, Mexico. The location offered beautiful water, rocks and cenotes. We worked with a great producer who arranged everything from soup to nuts. They never skipped a beat, they were all over it!

The shots of Alexandra were inspiring, being in such a beautiful environment with such a great crew and talent led to some amazing moments. You can catch a few of the behind the scenes images and videos below.