Visiting Carson Kressley at home


To say Carson Kressley is on fire, would be an understatement.

Originally one of the Fab Five on the Original “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, and now appearing on TV’s “Get A Room”, Carsen’s only speed seems to be high gear.

I was fortunate to spend some time with him in his Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley estate to see how his unique aesthetic translates to country living and produce a cover and photo spreads for Equestrian Living Magazine. Not many people know Carson is a serious equestrian with world-champion title in showing Saddlebred horses.

His energy and gracious demeanor seem limitless. We did the whole shoot in a couple of hours, covering the estate as well as creating several portraits of Carson.

I travel with the Publisher and Creative Director on these shoots, no assistants etc..

We use our Canon’s and A-1 or B-1’s to keep our load light and nimble.

Thank you Carson for a great shoot and day!

George Kamper