The Story behind the Creatures


We were commissioned to shoot stills concurrently for a promo video for the Camden Aquarium.

These critters were great fun to work with and very spontaneous…Not a lot of patience on set, but we were able to set up our lighting and barriers around the tabletop so they had a little freedom to hop around. We captured some fun and dramatic angles and textures while the video crew shot in a different room and set. Having shot lots of action sports, this was right up our alley.

We had a couple of very capable handlers with us to insure the safety of each frog or toad and a short window to shoot within. We also wanted to insure they didn’t get dehydrated while on the plexiglass table we were shooting them on.

Everyone from the Agency and Aquarium were super happy with the results. Winning the Rangefinder Creatures competition with our shot of the Amazon Milk Frog is the icing on the cake.

We thought we’d show a few of the runner ups as well as the contest winner since we’re getting calls again from Ad Agencies and Magazines about running them, as well as individuals asking for personal prints.

Rangefinder has been true to their word about promoting the winner! We’re getting interest from around the world!

Thanks Rangefinder!

George Kamper