Chuck E. Cheese's


Where A Kid Can Be A Kid.

We recently had the opportunity to shoot alongside a motion crew for the new Chuck E. Cheese’s campaign, which will be airing soon. As one can imagine, controlled chaos would be an understatement…Lot’s of goings on, all happening at once. I have to give a lot of the props to the film crew, AD, DP, Director, & Agency. This was a challenging shoot, with many shots to be staged and produced in a tight time frame. My attendance didn’t slow things down at all, usually had my shots in 3 minutes or less! GREATLY appreciated by all. As always, I was able to attend the pre pro meeting a couple of days before the shoot and got the key details about what was happening, when and where and who the key players were…When not on set, I was able to get some great grab shots of the kids and adults hanging and being themselves. Made up quite a library of images in one day.

Check out some of the results here.

George Kamper