Teddy Cadillac & His Love of Ducati


In our ongoing series of shooting real people, we were given the opportunity to shoot one of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Teddy Morse, who happens to be the third generation leader of the Ed Morse Automotive group and a Ducati Cafe Racer enthusiast and owner. Teddy brought his infectious personality and Ducati to our shoot. We created an easy environment for him to work within, shooting him with his bike in front of an airplane hanger.

Teddy was taken by the whole process, the wardrobe, make-up and photo crew scrambling around him to capture his love of the Ducati and his rugged good looks. Photographed for the cover and inside spread of the special edition of Venice Magazine and inside spreads of the winter edition of Venice Magazine.


Check out some behind the scenes below!

Photos by Sherryl Kamper


George Kamper